Top Oil

A Slick Solution for a Smoother Running Oil Distributor

Migrating to one central IP telephony system allowed Top Oil to offer an improved customer service.

The Challenge

Unify and modernize separate phone systems across 24 contact centre locations across Ireland.

Top Oil struggled with separate and sometimes outdated phone systems across its 24 regional locations.

They needed to modernize but wanted to leverage the advantages of a contact centre across all locations to make the customer experience as effective as possible. With customers ringing a local branch to order its products, they knew it could serve their clients more efficiently.

The Solution

Mitel Enterprise Contact Centre

Phone Pulse presented Top Oil with the Mitel/ShoreTel* solution to allow contact centre staff to connect irrespective of their location, it was very compelling.

When Top’s IT team realised how easy it was to support all 24 locations from a single web browser interface they were astonished. Moving to SIP has enabled the organisation to reduce line rental by €30,000 per annum.

When management could avail of the RageSpark Campaign Management solution fully integrated into the Mitel/ShoreTel solution they were convinced the solution from Phone Pulse was a perfect match.

Phase II of the solution design offered CRM integration with advanced call tagging, and powerful reporting capability in conjunction with the ability to easily create their own outbound campaigns. This has been a significant step forward for Top Oil who now have created an Outbound Campaign team to leverage a significant return on investment in the ShoreTel solution.

*Shoretel is now part of Mitel

ShoreTel from Phone Pulse allows for greater reporting and call visibility across multiple call centre locations.
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