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Phone Pulse is a leader in Contact Centre Solutions, managing over 200 contact centre clients across its client base. These centres range from 5 to 100 call centre agents; from small business to enterprise clients.

Our portfolio of contact centre solutions has evolved over our 30 years in business, where we now offer a low-cost feature rich solution for the small business sector and an advanced multimedia solution for a contact centre centric business.

Strengthen your customer interactions, increase revenues and improve overall operational efficiencies with a contact centre solution from Phone Pulse.

Designing your Contact Centre

Phone Pulse takes a consultative approach to designing call centre phone systems. By evaluating your business needs both now and for the future, we can best advise what call centre software best suits your specific business requirements.

We evaluate key challenges in your business and assess whether the following topics can address or enhance your processes and customer experience:

  1. Resourcing
  2. Analytics & Recording
  3. Feature functionality
  4. Advanced applications
  5. Process automation
  6. CRM Integration
  7. PCI & GDPR compliance
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Customer experience and retention
  10. Return on Investment
By evaluating the market for the best in breed contact centre vendors, Phone Pulse has selected just two players.

NEC’s Contact Centre solutions provide you with all the tools necessary to make each interaction between your customers and your business seamless. Between improved response times, reduced abandon rates, lower operating costs, and increased revenues, you will see a rapid return on your investment.

We recommend this call centre solution for small business seeking comprehensive reporting, call recording all at a low cost, while creating a first-rate experience for your customers.

The NEC business contact centre makes each interaction with your customers quick, easy and effective.

Ideal for:

For organisations that require a more advanced cloud-based call centre solution that offers multi-media interactions with customers and the options to consider virtual agents, artificial intelligence for automation and more sophisticated functionality.

Ideal for:

An all-in-one customer experience platform designed for

Growth and Flexibility

Supporting multiple customer touch points, NEC Business ConneCT Contact Center is a rich multi-channel environment that handles email, live web chat and voice via a single interface to effectively manage different touch points and multiple channels to provide an omni-channel experience to customers.

NECs tech-savvy Contact Center operates using skill based routing, ensuring all calls as well as email traffic are routed to the best suited employee, reducing waiting time and improving workload efficiency. Each customer call or email reaches the right person, first time, every time!

All employees have access to advanced Unified Communications functions like Presence Management, Instant Messaging, DECT and Mobile Messaging.

Extensive reporting tools provide key insight into performance and trends. While the unique soft wall-board supports and stimulates agents at the point of action.

The NEC Contact Center solutions provide you with all the tools necessary to make each interaction between your customers and your business seamless. Between improved response times, reduced abandon rates, lower operating costs, and increased revenues, you will see a rapid return on your investment.

A real-time dashboard for all your company’s communications

NEC MyCalls

MyCalls is the complete call management solution for NEC telephone systems.

Never have a call go 'missing' again

NEC MyCalls includes applications such as, call centre management, call recording and CTI.

Seamlessly integrating with NEC communication systems, MyCalls provides real time information about every aspect of telephone use and performance.

Never have a call go ‘missing’ again. MyCalls highlights every unanswered call – as it happens. This opportunity allows your staff the opportunity to call back instantly, lowering the chance of losing business to your competitors.

MyCalls Enhanced Reporting makes call management across your entire company more visual, more dynamic and more effective than ever!

Provides a bird's eye view of productivity.

MyCalls Call Manager provides a bird’s eye view of individual and group productivity at a glance on screen or wallboard.

Enhanced reporting gives an extra dimension to call management and performance with an unparalleled range of user-friendly features.

The ability to simply generate actionable reports motivates employees and can dramatically improve customer service levels.

The visual data displayed on the wallboard can aid in enhancing productivity, cutting and controlling costs, as well as highlighting profitable areas for investigation.

Intelligent call routing is fundamental in call centre operations.

MyCalls Call Centre uses a powerful Automatic Call Distribution system, providing supervisors with the controls, real-time visual cues and management information, required to sustain high levels of call-handling efficiency.

The NEC MyCalls Call Centre is tightly integrated with this system that distributes calls evenly, following a set of customizable rules in an attempt to ensure that no individual is overloaded while others are idle. Calls will be routed to the agent with the best suited skills to deal with the call.

MyCalls Controls can be managed centrally from the supervisors MyCalls desktop, meaning that changes can be made easily and instantly. This helps to ensure service levels are maintained with the function to add or remove agents to deal with call traffic.

An overall view of MyCalls Call Centre real-time can be displayed on the wallboard allowing for easy-viewing of agent activity, while also showing key service parameters such as unreturned calls or callers in the queue.

Reasons to choose MyCalls:

If you use the telephone to keep in contact with customers and business partners, MyCalls will enhance your work productivity and efficiency.

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Mitel Contact Centre

MiContact Centre Business is a sophisticated customer experience platform designed specifically to work with the MiVoice Business platform to help businesses of all sizes serve their customers while improving agent productivity and customer satisfaction, increasing revenues and controlling operating costs, and simplifying IT management.

  1. Automatic routing of email, fax, social media, web chat and SMS for a superior customer experience
  2. Feature-rich Web chat across all devices (all browsers across PC, mobile, and tablet) for customer flexibility
  3. Estimated wait times for all media and queues so customers can make informed decisions about how to contact your business
  4. Convenient, automated self-service capabilities for routine customer interactions
  5. Web chat support for screen reading applications (JAWS and NDVA) to support visually impaired users
  6. Support for non-traditional, third-party open media types like WebRTC video, social media messaging, and Internet of Things (IoT) alarming for proactive customer service
  1. Unified desktop client for handling all media types
  2. Pushing and pulling of customer inquiries from multimedia queues and skills-based multimedia routing
  3. Response templates for faster, consistent customer engagement
  4. Contact list and CRM integrations to ensure easy identification of the customer
  5. Case management to assign individual interactions to cases and better understand the omnichannel customer journey
  6. Seamless escalation from a voice or digital media interaction to another media type while retaining context
  7. Flag cases for follow up to ensure no customer is forgotten
  8. Handle native media like voice, email, chat, and SMS, along with third-party open media like WebRTC video, IoT alarms, and social media messaging from a single user interface
  1. Easy-to-use, sophisticated real-time and historical reporting capabilities, including native support for Windows 8 tablets, and other tablet devices via VMware View
  2. Customizable thresholds for real-time alarming and alerts
  3. Historical report scheduling and distribution
  4. Easily identify cases waiting for customer/agent follow up
  5. Understand all the individual interactions that make up a case, from initial inquiry to resolution
  1. Visual, drag-and-drop user interface for multimedia routing, including auto-responses for self-service
  2. Support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Gmail (using Google Apps for Business), and IBM Notes
  3. Tight-knit integration with MiVoice Business and MiCollab
  4. Stand-alone, non-voice, digital media only support for both Mitel and non-Mitel deployments
  5. Integration with third-party social media monitoring solutions such as BizVu Social, Trackur, and Imooty

MiContact Center Business

Customer & Agent Experience

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