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At Phone Pulse, we don’t just replace old phone systems; we replace old thinking. As Ireland’s only Gold Champion Partner for Mitel/ShoreTel*, Phone Pulse can provide you with an IP telephony platform as reliable and flexible as it is easy to deploy, manage, and use.

Mitel/ShoreTel Connect is a remarkable innovation in IP telephony and unified communications. The first of its kind, Mitel/ShoreTel Connect is a platform built on a single software code base that means you can design your communications system any way you choose: as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or as a hybrid deployment where some locations and applications are managed in the cloud and others are managed onsite. You choose.

This flexibility means that you can also choose how you want to expense your communications system – as a monthly subscription operating cost where Mitel/ShoreTel manages everything for you, or as a licensed product capital expense that you control and amortize over time. Because it is based on a single code base, adds, changes, and updates are simple and include complete parity of features across both types of deployment.

You decide when, if, and how to migrate to the cloud. And, whatever you decide today is completely adjustable to what you may need tomorrow. The investments you’ve made are protected.

And here’s the kicker. While Mitel/ShoreTel Connect is certainly a huge advance for IT, it also provides a simple, natural way for employees, partners, and customers to engage and communicate, whether they are remote or in the office. Mitel/ShoreTel Connect saves time, and takes the frustration out of engaging so people can focus on getting their work done and their ideas heard. And when integrated into other business applications, Mitel/ShoreTel Connect makes it easier to share insights, be more productive and grow the business.

Mitel/ShoreTel Connect provides an intuitive new collaboration experience that:

  • Allows you to communicate according to your individual preferences.
  • Makes enterprise communications as easy to use as your personal ones.
  • Escalates your conversations from an IM, to a call, to an online meeting, to a web desktop share with or without video – with the single click of a button.
  • Enables you to collaborate as easily with groups outside your company as those inside.
  • Eliminates the need for plug-ins, complicated set-ups, and multiple application windows and passwords before you can get your work done.

Choosing Mitel/ShoreTel’s VoIP UC solution over the status quo really pays off. It’s more reliable, it’s easier to use and it has the lowest total cost of ownership. So leave behind the mindless masses, and improve your business communications. Say yes to the all-in-one solution.


*Shoretel is now part of Mitel


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