Why Phone Pulse? 

With the largest telecoms service engineering team across Ireland, Phone Pulse provides a total end-to-end solution for our clients and manages over 30,000 handsets in Ireland, the UK and Europe. 

Our experience in supporting our clients and working with them to evolve their telephony infrastructure over the last 28 years has enabled us to determine best practice and to qualify the vast range of technical solutions that will future proof your investment and obtain the maximum cost savings to your organisation.

Our technical competency, levels of product certification and customer service awards are second-to-none and we deliver a complete range of cost effective and technology rich solutions from an ever evolving product portfolio.


Off-the-shelf and tailored solutions for single-site to multi-site businesses of all sizes



Looking for a low cost small business phone system for your office but want the latest technology and functionality? We’ll meet your budget but without compromising on features with our most competitive small business telephone system ever.



We offer a range of solutions that meet all your business and technical needs, allowing you to instantly solve your current communications challenges and scale your communications in the future as your business grows.



We deliver the very latest innovation in IP telephony and unified communications to large enterprises, enabling you to design your communications system any way you choose; as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or as a hybrid deployment. And, whatever you decide today is completely adjustable to what you may need tomorrow, ensuring the investment you’ve made is always protected.



At Phone Pulse, we don’t just replace old phone systems; we replace old thinking. As Ireland’s only Gold Champion Partner for Mitel/ShoreTel, we can provide you with an IP telephony platform as reliable and flexible as it is easy to deploy, manage, and use.

Mitel/ShoreTel’s solution is reliable, easy to use and it has the lowest total cost of ownership. So leave behind the masses, and improve your business communications. Say yes to the all-in-one solution!

*Shoretel is now part of Mitel



Strengthen your customer interactions, increase revenues and improve overall operational efficiencies with a contact centre solution, delivering the most advanced features at incredibly low cost.

Phone Pulse has become the leader in Contact Centre Solutions, managing over 200 contact centre clients across Ireland and the UK. These centres range from 5 to 100 Agents; from Small Business to Enterprise clients.



Crystal clear reliable sound quality systems backed up by the largest telecoms service engineering team across Ireland. 

VOIP can bring significant cost and connectivity advantages. However, many early adopters in the Irish market experienced poor voice quality, thus generating a negative image for the technology.


Find out how our evolving product portfolio of cost effective and technology rich solutions can deliver against your business needs and drive down costs.



Simplifying communication between your office-based and mobile workforce, allowing them to see who is available, make first time contact through the best channel and integrate business applications, helps them to get the job done more efficiently and effectively.



A SIP trunk is a direct connection between your organization and your Internet telephony service provider (ITSP). It enables you to extend VOIP telephony beyond your organization’s firewall to the outside world. This can deliver substantially lower operating costs, greater flexibility over traditional connections and advanced features, such as virtual phone numbers in different territories.



Phone Pulse offers Disaster Recovery, which replicates or hosts virtual or physical servers to provide backup in the event of man-made or natural catastrophe. In the event of disaster, we can implement a disaster recovery plan even in worst-case scenarios, such as near-total or total shutdown of the affected client.

This can be most useful for small to mid-size businesses that lack the expertise to configure a disaster recovery plan.



Phone Pulse can carry out cable fault locating and repair. The most common reasons behind cable faults include worn and corroded cables and sockets, badly laid wiring, and broken circuitry. Detection and swift repair is essential for the minimum disruption to your business.



We can provide a Line Utilisation Analysis to determine the efficiency and capacity of your system, and offer advice one how to make the best use of your building's lines.


Phone Pulse can implement advanced, yet affordable call recording functionality allowing access to calls, texts, CRM data, call history, reports and more.




1800 / 1850 / 1890 SERVICES

Providing free or low cost phone numbers is a proven, efficient way of boosting customer contact.



Phone Pulse delivers an unparalleled, nationwide telephony support service from 6 regional support centres around Ireland.

Our Remote Technical Support Service enables our engineers to remotely evaluate each customer issue from any location, resulting in 60% of issues being resolved within 4 hours of being logged. This level of service is offered to all Warranty and Support Contract clients.



Phone Pulse offers services and technology to increase and improve broadband connection strength and speed.