Unified Communication Solutions

A Suite of Collaboration Tools

Unify your business communication tools into one streamlined user experience

Unified Communications is a suite of collaboration tools such as Video, Chat/IM, Presence, Conferencing with desktop sharing that enhances business communications for remote working staff or those located across various office locations.

Phone Pulse offers a suite of UC collaborative tools including Chat/IM, Presence, teleconferencing with Desktop sharing, which enable staff to be more effective and flexible in their daily activities, irrespective of their location.

Whether sharing information, connecting with a colleague or determining how best to contact someone, our collaborative software provides the accessibility and transparency needed to get the task done.

UC Suite offers:

  • Easy call management through simple-to-use graphical user interfaces.
  • Configurability for use as an IP software or on a desktop computer.
  • Visual voicemail for quick access to and easy management of inbox and messages.
  • Integration with popular contact and CRM applications, including Microsoft® Office Outlook®, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, to name a few.
  • The ability to set up "Buddy Lists" for quick access to the people contacted most often.
  • Integration with the Contact Centre application for call centre functionality.
Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offers your business a variety of cloud-based communication and collaboration applications and services.

UC Benefits:

Increase Your Productivity

Time saving features for all your work force.

Video Conferencing

Enables travel savings, mobility, home working & multi-site organizations.

Screen Sharing

Provides collaboration on documents with multiple users.

Lower Costs

Single initial cost, no recurring monthly subscriptions.

Easy To Use

Minimal / no training required.

Always On 24/7


Ful Call Control through Web-based Client

Enables a quick and easy way to manage calls and lookup contacts.


Provides a ‘birds-eye’ view of your team’s availability making users become more reachable.


We recommend NEC InUC Cloud Management Software for any small to medium size business seeking to leverage and embrace the collaboration experience of a diverse and dynamic workforce.  InUC utilises WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) provides highly cost-effective video and collaboration working seamlessly within your IT environment.

Users are able to quickly set up audio and video connections between two or more PCs or devices from anywhere with an internet and VPN or LAN connection. As well as video and audio conferencing functionality, PC users can work collectively with screen share and shared documents. It’s also ideal for live software demos and presentation slideshows.

Collaborating isn’t just about sharing ideas, but also learning more about each other and making meaningful connections within a digital work place.

NEC InUC Features:

  • Video conferencing, document & screen sharing for up to 32 (8x4) SV9100 users
  • Highly cost-effective solution
  • Uses secure connectivity
  • Works via Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 on a PC or Android device

Mitel MiCollab

For organisations that seek a more advanced Unified Communications experience, MiCollab offers easy to use and brilliantly simple suite of collaboration tools, using any device in any location.

Mitel MiCollab Collaboration Features:

  • Single, unified experience
  • Connects unified communication with team collaboration
  • Available for PC, Mac, Web, and Mobile Devices
  • Mobile-first design
  • Real-time voice and video conferencing
  • Audio conferencing with web sharing
  • Single number reach
  • Simultaneous ringing / Mobile twinning
  • Persistent collaborative workspaces
  • Individual and group chat
  • File annotation
  • WebRTC softphone
  • Calendar integration
  • Outlook® integration
  • Tap-to-connect team meetings
  • File sharing / Screen sharing
  • Secure remote working
  • Multi-region / language support
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