PhonePulse offers a choice of two economic solutions to  small business owners, packed with with latest functional, organisational and security technology.

NEC SL1100

The NEC SL1100 is a low cost solution with the latest technology and functionality.  An ideal solution for small business that empowers employees with mobile solutions to help them maintain high service levels no matter their location. 

NEC SL2100

The NEC SL2100 is great solution for teams between 5 and 100 people. With the advent of all the communications technologies in the market, customers expect to be able to reach someone at a business to get immediate answers and information – without having to leave a message.


A Perfect Fit for Everyone



We offer a range of solutions that meet all your business and technical needs, allowing you to instantly solve your current communications challenges and scale your communications in the future as your business grows.



We deliver the very latest innovation in IP telephony and unified communications to large enterprises, enabling you to design your communications system any way you choose; as a managed service from the cloud, as a hardware system you manage yourself, or as a hybrid deployment. And, whatever you decide today is completely adjustable to what you may need tomorrow, ensuring the investment you’ve made is always protected




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